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Panel beaters

Panel Beaters

Experienced panel beater? Take a look at available jobs!
Amol Keluskar

WiiSDA is a good company with a great team to assist you to get a life changing opportunity with all the hassle-free process. They all are very kind and helpful all the time.

Nenad Milosavljević

WiiSDA was in constant contact and helped with everything. When I landed in Norway, they waited for me at the airport, took me to the apartment, showed me everything, and visited the service. I came to a new country alone, but I felt like a family welcomed me.

Tihomir Gajanic

Whoever is thinking about moving to Norway I will always highly recommend WiiSDA. Throughout the whole process, they helped, led, and supported me. Their assistance was especially important when I came to live in Norway and they gave it to me unconditionally.

Sreeraj Karumathil

Norway is a fantastic country, it’s very comfortable to work here, it’s an entirely different experience. WiiSDA is very supportive and they help with everything. Now I am waiting for my family to come so that they experience Norway.

Adnan Ismic

WiiSDA is an excellent agency. They help a new employee a lot, its much easier when you have that and come from a different country come to another system. They take care of everything. I am very satisfied and would recommend them.

Dariusz N.

Moją przygodę z Norwegią rozpocząłem w zeszłym roku w maju dzięki WiiSDA. Na początku było trochę spraw papierkowych, ale później wszystko potoczyło się bardzo szybko. Po przybyciu na miejsce zostałem przywitany przez pracodawcę, który miał już przygotowane wszystkie papiery do załatwienia spraw urzędowych z opisem po polsku co w jakiej kolejności załatwić od Pani Kasi. W warsztacie zostałem przywitamy bardzo serdecznie, co mnie pozytywnie zaskoczyło jestem już z nimi od 1,5 roku. Z pracy i pobytu w Norwegii jestem bardzo zadowolony.

Aleksandar Angelowsky

Every day is a chance to change your life. Everyone here is professional and they treat you like a person. They are honest and will work with you. Recommended to all mechanics looking forward to have a new chapter in their lives.

Kemal Dekic

I came to Norway with help from WiiSDA. They have all my recommendations, they did an amazing job!

Željko Dragutin Kojadinović

My absolute recommendation for working with WiiSDA.

Daniel Mężyk

Professional service and amazing support. Team at WiiSDA always put candidates in the center of recruitment process. Recommended to all mechanics looking forward to move to next level and new chelenges.

Ewa Hasuik

Falirma godna polecenia. Miałam przyjemność rozmawiać z Panem Davidem. Bardzo miły, rzetelny. Wszystko jasno potrafi wyjaśnić a rozmowa to czysta przyjemność. Jeżeli są jakieś pytania czy wątpliwości zawsze można się z nim kontaktować. Zawsze służy pomocą. Naprawdę polecam

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WiiSDA provides interesting work opportunities for car mechanics, car painters, panel beaters, automotive technicians and other talented automotive industry professionals.

Work and residence permit

Work & Residence Permit

We will take care of all your paperwork from your work and residence permit to your tax registration and insurance.
Norwegian salary and benefits

Norwegian Salary & Benefits

Workers in Norway have some of the best salaries in the world. Great work-life balance and permanent and full-time contracts.
Affordable housing

Affordable Housing

No rent is payable until your first pay cheque and WiiSDA will even cover your deposit!
Norwegian language course

Norwegian Language Course

WiiSDA offers a free Norwegian course to all employees.
Complete confidentiality

Complete Confidentiality

WiiSDA will not contact your present employer.

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Frequently asked questions

If you are an experienced worker in the automotive industry looking to improve your life and find an ideal job with a great work-life balance, then we are the right choice for you.

If you have an EU driving license you do not have to apply for a driving license in Norway. If you are a non-EU citizen but you have a driving license from any EU country you do not have to apply for one in Norway.

Minimum guaranteed hourly rate for automotive professionals is EUR 22. After paying taxes, rent, some utilities (e.g. electricity) and food you are left with approximately EUR 800 - 1000.

The visa process starts when you have successfully finished the recruitment process and are ready to move to Norway. All your documents: CV, school diplomas, passport must be valid and original (not copy). WiiSDA assists you with everything. The cost for work and residence permit in Norway is NOK 6300 (which is about EUR 615).

To apply for a job you will need a CV, which you can create on our page, a diploma as a proof of your skills, a driver’s license and a few more documents we will help you with.

Your precise salary will depend on several factors, such as your level of education, years of experience, completed training courses, and local salary levels. The expected salary will be in the range of EUR 22,4 and EUR 27,3 per hour. * Based on EUR / NOK rates as of 01 Dec 2022

Yes, you can bring your family, but we advise you to move to Norway and experience work and life there during the 6-month trial period before doing so.

To start the process you can apply with basic information through our online form. After completing the form, one of our recruitment specialists will contact you to explain the next steps.

Free healthcare and education systems for you and your family, a great work-life balance, good salary and secure future.

The recruitment process can take anywhere from a week to a month. It depends on your documentation and the current job vacancies. Don’t worry though, we will assist you along the way and do our best to make the process as quick as possible.

Yes, if you go to an official requalification to become a mechanic, panel beater or painter your diploma is as valid as the regular school diploma.