Can honesty help you get an automobile job?

Can honesty help you get an automobile job?

Or will honesty ruin your chances for success?

WiiSDA is the only recruitment agency in Norway that specialises in Automotive jobs, and we have done so for more than 15 years. We offer both our candidates and our customers premium service.

Our whole business is based on track-record and trust. Our reputation is always at stake. If WiiSDA overpromises and underdelivers, we lose trust. Therefore, I can’t stress how important it is for a candidate to be truthful, says Erik Bergsland, Sales and Marketing Director of WiiSDA in Norway.

Making your move for an automotive career in Norway means a big change for you. It also means taking a risk, because:

  • You resign from your current job
  • Relocations come with a financial costs such as travel and visa (non-EU citizens only)
  • You need to adapt to a new culture
  • Learning new ways of working in an authorized service is challenging

Smooth and successful move for you

WiiSDA knows that changing your life and continuing your automotive career in Norway has a huge impact on your life and finances. Therefore, we do everything we can to make this a successful move.

WiiSDA also invests a lot of time and money to ensure a smooth and successful move for you.


  • Take care of all your paperwork from your work and residence permit, and tax registration
  • Cover Occupational Injury Insurance
  • Cover Leisure Accident Insurance
  • Help you find suitable accommodation and cover your deposit (normally 3 months’ rent)
  • Outlay your 1st month’s rent. You only pay back when receiving your first salary
  • Offer a free Norwegian course, and pay 50% if the 2nd Norwegian course
  • Meet you at the airport on your arrival, regardless of where and when you arrive
  • Spend up to 2 working days together with you, sorting out all practicalities on your arrival

This means WiiSDA invests a lot of time and money in all their employees.

So why is the point of honesty so important?

WiiSDA does not want people to waste their time and money if we believe they are unlikely to succeed.

During our recruitment process, we explain to all candidates that there is no point saying that you are skilled in something that you are not, as it will become very apparent as soon as you start job in Norway.

If automotive professionals lie about their skills, they can end up losing their job as a consequence. This is because the authorised service has hired someone with different skills than they were promised and expected.

Some people think it is a good idea to exaggerate their skills, and for instance, say that they are better in electric repairs or diagnostic jobs than they actually are.  This is a misunderstanding.

We just need to know

Different services have different needs, some need a normal mechanic, and others need technicians who have great diagnostic skills and interests. And if you can do all aspects of the automotive job, from A – Z, even better.  However, not all candidates know everything! Or even like to do all types of jobs. And that is ok. We just need to know.

The more transparent, open, and truthful you are about your actual skills, interests, and needs for development, the more likely WiiSDA is to find you your dream job and make a perfect match with an authorised service in Norway.

In order for WiiSDA to be the best in the world at recruiting Automotive Professionals for jobs in the Automobile industry in Norway, we rely on our candidates to be open and truthful with us.

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