Does Norway need Heavy Vehicle Mechanics?

Does Norway need Heavy Vehicle Mechanics?

Absolutely YES! Is the answer. Skilled Bus, Truck, Recreational Vehicle, Van, Tractor, Excavator Mechanics, and Technicians – Norway needs YOU!

Heavy Vehicle Automotive Professionals repair, maintain and test heavy vehicles, engines and related mechanical components on trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, construction and earthmoving equipment.

The manufacturers expect that the need for maintenance will decrease, and in 2030 a new truck will be needing 20 percent lower maintenance levels than a new truck today. On the other hand, the amount of goods transported will increase by 25 per cent. Based on these variables, it is unlikely that fewer professionals are needed in 2030 compared to today.

Norway Commercial Vehicle Registration is set to reach 259,420 Units by 2026. Since 2010, the market was up 1.7% year on year at 26,581,000 Units. In 2020, the turnover of the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles industry in Norway was 27.6 billion euros.


Already today, the industry overall faces challenges when it comes to attracting automotive professionals, it is equally, if not more, difficult to find enough qualified and motivated Heavy Vehicle Professionals.

All international truck and bus brands are represented in Norway, such as;

  • Scania
  • Volvo
  • Mercedes
  • MAN
  • Iveco
  • Renault
  • DAF
  • Sisu

Looking at 2022 sales up until November 2022 for Trucks alone above 16 tonnes, Scania and Volvo are competing for the top position in Norway: (source: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken):


Apart from Automotive Professionals experienced with Trucks and busses, there is also a need for skilled labor who can repair, maintain, and test Construction and Industrial Machines, such as:

  • Liebherr
  • CAT
  • Mitsubishi
  • Komatsu
  • Doosan
  • Yanmar
  • Case
  • Sany
  • Keestrack
  • Mustang

In Norway, one in fourteen inhabitants lives on an agricultural property. The area belonging to these properties, however, makes up over three quarters of the Norwegian mainland. Without mechanics, agriculture production stops. With 3,5 % of Norway’s land area being used for Agriculture, there is a need for Mechanics and Technicians for Tractor and Thresher brands as well:

  • Massey Ferguson
  • Fendt Valtra
  • John Deere
  • New Holland
  • Case IH
  • Deutz-Fahr
  • Claas
  • Kubota
  • McCormick
  • Zetor

Norway does not only need skilled Automotive Professionals specialised in one or two of these types or brands. There are also plenty of opportunities for experienced and versatile Multi-Brand Mechanics who are open and skilled in working on a variety of vehicles, from small, light, medium vehicles, to heavy trucks and transporters, in addition to commercial and construction equipment and recreational vehicles, such as Caravans.

Many people think about Diesel Engines only when they talk about Heavy Vehicles. But hang on a minute! Did you know that:

  • Oslo will soon be the first capital with 100% zero-emission public transport?
  • In Trøndelag, a Volvo FMX Electric will transport grain and concentrated feed?
  • In Bergen, the local renovation company is famous for their ambition for a fossile free vehicle park with the number of EVs increasing year on year.
  • The world’s northernmost electric truck is a Scania Truck in Svalbard, Norway?

Now is the time to think differently and bigger, because Norway is already in the forefront when it comes to EVs (Electric Vehicles):

  • In Norway, electric vehicles accounted for 79% of new passenger car registrations in 2022, according to latest data. 87% when including plug-in hybrids.
  • It’s streaks ahead of other nations because Norway waives import duties and car registration taxes for electric vehicles.
  • The country’s electricity comes almost exclusively from hydropower, making electric car use in Norway particularly clean.

Although electrification of transportation is high on the agenda, heavy-duty vehicles lag behind, yet registrations and sales of electric buses and heavy-duty trucks is on the increase. About 15% of all new excavators in Norway, are predicted to be electric by the end of 2022.

As Norway is racing ahead on EVs, if you are interested and skilled in working with EVs, Norway is the place to be!


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