WiiSDA had their first physical recruitment in the UAE

WiiSDA had their first physical recruitment in the UAE

We are more motivated than ever! One thing is to interview people via Teams, but to meet our candidates in person gives the interview a whole different dimension and value.

It touches me when I hear people’s stories, says Annette Rognstad, Managing Director of WiiSDA. Candidates working in the UAE may have the same amount of money left in their pocket after all expenses are paid as in Norway. However, in the UAE working hours are longer, accommodations are often shared with many, and it is difficult to bring the family to join. Life can be tough!

Excellent work-life balance

One of the reasons so many Automotive Professionals choose a new life in Norway, is the excellent work-life balance, competitive salary levels, and focus on health and safety regulations in the workplace. Rules such as overtime limitations ensure the well-being of employees and give them a healthy work-life balance. In addition, WiiSDA assist all their employees in applying for a family visa.

That said, in WiiSDA we focus on explaining the ‘real deal’ to our candidates. We always tell the truth that starting a new life in a new country with a different culture, language, and way of working and living is challenging. We prepare our candidates that the first year is tough, especially those who are non-EU citizens, as it comes with added costs such as visa and Norwegian driving license.

Presenting accepted candidates to authorized services

We always ask our candidates to be fully honest about their strengths and weaknesses. Why? Because we don’t want people to waste their savings if we believe they are unlikely to succeed. By being transparent about your professional skills throughout the recruitment process, WiiSDA will best match you with the authorized service most suitable for you.

Work Supply team

Being back from our recruitment trip in the UAE, WiiSDA is completing the candidate’s professional CVs and has already started presenting accepted candidates to authorized services, and a couple of them have already received their job offers.

I am confident that we have some really amazing candidates who will both succeed and add value to many Automotive Services in Norway. And let’s not forget – we are not just talking about creating a new and better life for one person. Often, we help create a new and better life for up to 3 generations:

  • the Automotive Professional and their partner
  • their children
  • and succeeding in Norway even enables them to support their parents back home

Interesting work opportunities

WiiSDA provides interesting work opportunities for talented automotive industry professionals. We want to attract motivated, hard-working, and educated people from all over the world and introduce them to the advantages of work and life in Norway.

Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe whose mainland territory comprises the western and northernmost portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Attractive landscape are found throughout Norway. The west coast of southern Norway and the coast of northern Norway present some of the most visually impressive landscape sceneries in the world. National Geographic has listed the Norwegian fjords as the one of the world’s top tourist attraction.

Exciting future

Norway is one of the most economically and politically stable countries in Europe and the world and there is an extensive demand for car repair specialists. With the right formal education and work experience, an exciting future lies ahead of you when you choose to live and work in Norway.

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